massive dead fish showed up in Earth and dead birds fallen down out of the sky are USA NASA crimes [Female is "Inn.Sin"-"Sway.Sin", solid together must be most toxic cold cold hard] (Why there's Chinese predicting that USA must run down? That how your Earth s 酒店兼職een massive dead fish showed up in Earth and dead birds fallen down out of the sky are USA NASA crimes, because USA abused their endless printed US Dollar Bills to buy whatever needed tech to shoot and challenge that silent nice Moon ("一頓飯後 兩對夫婦離奇 西服死亡月6日星期三" is one of the side affects, <you can expect more 離奇死亡 happening in or on every corner in your Earth, and you should tell all woman to do her best not to go out to offend God order, because if she does, she must have no way to d 酒店兼職eserve any good luck for herself and/or her cared.> out of USA NASA on purposely damaged Moon's crime.) . That how cold cold hard USA on purposely made that Japan Nuclear power plants to melt down and had your sucking shameless cold cold hard brainless media to spread that sucking lie t 酒店打工o make you all to blame Japan (Why Japan, Korea, plus Mainland China looked lost all mean and way to deal with USA lie? Because Japan, Korea, and Mainland China simplified Chinese words damage evil Chinese man's strength. In this world, only evil Chinese man can have that evil strength enough to deal with American w 酒店兼職erewolves; yet because Taiwan widely openness to allow all Taiwanese man to travel around the world and bring back all Japanese and Mainland China and Korea related writing damaged or killed all evil Chinese man's sharp eyes after "JohnJeanGwall" died. That how you must not allow anyone back to Taiwan again after that anyone left T 景觀設計aiwan behind. Japan has only good Chinese mankind, good Chinese mankind can only help mankind to be better, no way to deal with USA lie; liar must left to be dealt by evil Chinese Man; that how our True God must rest and left the Earth to the Lord. That how you have to move your Republic of China head quarter to Hong Kong and have only man [Why man only? Beca 西裝外套use good Chinese woman <I am a trashed Chinese woman, does not looked like good Chinese woman, but still keep good Chinese woman's good will.> must always hide inside her own place all the time, not mention to leave her born first place; evil Chinese woman can only dragon down every one for her sucking personal gang or gain; and sex is the weakness of man, one evil Chinese woman& 票貼lt;Like Chinese said "Jway.Do.Fool.Ren.Sin"> worse than "1.Lead.Loud.Shoot.10"] who born in Taiwan [Because born in Hong Kong must speak Cantonese as the first language instead of Mandarin, no way to get evil Chinese must needed free mind. You speak any Chinese dialect, no matter that dialect called "Mean.Nun.What" "Bay.Jean.What" "Gwon.Dong.What" or whatever what, all slavery narrow minded root, n 褐藻醣膠o way to deal with American werewolves in any way.] can speak read write both Chinese and English above average to Hong Kong to deal with USA lie; because now only those men who can speak read and write both Chinese and English can be good enough to team up like "3.Good.臭.Peel.John" to make up one real Evil Chinese man's supposed sharp eyes.) instead of blame that richest most powerful most forceful "Jway.Quit.Whore.Shore" USA. seo  .
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